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SimplyDocs is a web-based software platform that helps you create and manage web forms, generate filled documents, and publish documents for almost everything & business proposals.

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SimplyDocs - Form Builder, Doc Generation, Doc Publishing & Proposals. | Product Hunt

Suitable for Microservices Architecture

Collect Form Data on a Webhook

API for Document Generation

Inbuilt Workflow (Bridge)

Synchronous API Service

Use Your Own AWS S3 Storage

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Form Builder - drag & drop builder

Design forms with unlimited elements to capture data.
Forms can be easily designed by doing a drag & drop of form elements.
Map forms with templates for document generation or use them independently.

DocTemplates - create document templates

Create document templates with any number of placeholder variables.
You can populated the template with the data from Forms or API integration.
Templates comes with approval workflow, bulk generation and revision tracking.
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DocPublisher - publish documents for almost everything

Publish elegant documents about everything from manuals to faqs.`
Shareable URL with complete index. Save offline for anytime access.
Publish / Unpublish them based upon your requirement or export them as PDF

Proposals - for faster deal closures

Create business proposals for faster deal closure.
Your clients can accept or reject the proposal with comments.
Include your e-Signatures or set proposal expiry date.
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Workflow - inbuilt approval workflow

Create a multi-level approval workflow for document submissions.
Flexibility to define 'anyone' or 'everyone' logic in approval metrics.
You can download document submissions with or without comments.

RESTful API - lighting fast integration

Single click to get the integration details for forms & templates.
Generate documents using API & receive the document in API response.
Update your business application endpoint & collect form submissions.
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