Approval Workflow - Flexible Workflow

Add multi-level approval workflow for quick decisioning.

Contacts & Groups

Invite colleagues & create groups

Invite colleagues & define groups. These groups will be mapped in the approval workflow.

You can add individual contact or perform a bulk upload using .CSV file.
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Define Workflow

Multi-level workflow.

Define a multi-level workflow. At each level, you can configure if everyone in the group should approve the submission or anyone can approve on behalf of the group.

You can also mention individual contact as an approver.

Workflow Mapping

Trigger workflow automatically.

Visit Templates section to map a workflow with the template. Once configured, all new submissions will automatically get routed through the workflow.
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Inbox for Approvals

Review submissions easily.

Approve/reject or send the submission back to a different step. You can download the submission with or without comments.

Archived section will show all submissions which were actioned by you.


Natural way to sign the documents

Create eSignature or upload a signature file. Place your eSignatures while taking action on the submission.
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