DocTemplates - Document Templates
& Approval Workflow

Master the art of document generation using document templates

Rich Text Editor

Your templates need a feature rich editor.

Rich Text Editor which offers your an enhanced experience to create your document templates.

You can include everything from formatted text, images, links, table & much more.
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Editor & PDF

Two are always better

SimplyDocs allows you to upload the PDF documents and place variable on the PDF. Just like Editor, the variables can be populated using forms or API integration.

Auto-Dispatch Documents

We will send the emails on your behalf.

Enable auto-dispatch option and send us the recipient's email address in dispatch_email_address variable and we will send the filled documents to them.
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Revision History

We've got you covered.

Save last five(5) revisions.

Easily go back in time to see the revisions and restore a previous version. The latest version now moves to Revision History.

API Integration

Realtime integration.

With a single click, get API integration details for realtime filled document generation.

Visit the configuration section to generate a secure auth_token (required for integration).
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Bulk Processing

When you need to process a lot of data.

Use .CSV files for bulk processing of data and generation of prefilled documents.

Define Approval Workflow

Multi-level workflow for submission approvals.

At each level, you can mention individual contact or group as an approver. Configure if everyone in the group should approve the submission or anyone can approve on behalf of the group.
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