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Publish elegant multi-page documents

Multi-page Documents

Include any number of pages.

You can create documents with an unrestricted number of pages. You can include them in the beginning (i.e. at the time of document creation) or add them in an existing document.

You can always change the page-sequence.

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Rich Text Editor

Your documents need a feature rich editor.

Rich Text Editor which offers your an enhanced experience to create your documents.

You can include everything from formatted text, images, links, table & much more.


Your own private notepad.

Note down all the important points which you wish to refer the next time when you edit the document.

This section is not visible anywhere and only stays for your reference.
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Page Comments

All editors on the same page.

All co-editors can post and keep track of comments posted by co-editors. You can always refer comments for immediate or future reference.

Consider comments as a shared notepad with more advance features.

Revision History

Change is the only constant.

Every time you make a change & save, we keep a history of more recent five revisions so that you can restore them based upon your need.

* five most recent revisions

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