Simplify your forms and documents

SimplyDocs offers you a wide spectrum of features which allows you to simplify your business documentation.
Our Voice of Customer program, takes your feedback to decide SimplyDocs roadmap.

Form & Template Studio

Uncluttered and distraction-free interface for creating the forms & templates.

Format & Add Variables

Define variables in your templates for form integration or generation through APIs.

Form - Template Mapping

Generate pre-filled documents by mapping the forms with the templates.

Embed Forms Anywhere

Embed forms easily in your business applications using iframe code.

Unlimited Submissions

Accept unlimited submissions in your document templates and forms.

Protected Forms

Protect your forms with the secret key. You can change them whenever anytime.

API - Document Generation

RESTful API integration for pre-filled document generation on a real-time basis.

API - Form Data

Get form submissions (incl uploads) delivered to your business applications on a real-time basis.

Template - Workflow Mapping

Define a multi-level workflow mapping for templates which will get trigged on submissions.

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