Simplify your documents

Document Studio

Uncluttered and distraction free writing interface for creating and managing your documents.

Integrate with Dropbox

Save and upload documents directly inside SimplyDocs folder in your dropbox account.

Format & Add Variables

Rich-Text-Editor for document formatting. Define variables placeholders for integration.

API Integration

API (RESTful) integration for allowing you to generate pre-filled documents on a real-time basis.

Approval Workflow

Platform offers you to define workflow for your document approval.

Easy Download

Single click allows you to download your templates in Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format.

Quick Sharing

Allows you to quickly share documents with other SimplyDocs users or external people.

Anytime Anywhere Access

You do not need to install or maintain any software to access your documents.


We take data privacy very seriously thus we will never share or sell your information.