Form Builder - Configurable Forms

Simple forms to perform the job. Why to complicate the task?

Drag & Drop Builder

Easy way to create forms.

Drag the form components from the left panel. Each segment will show the properties which you can configure based upon your requirement.

You can also create multipage forms.

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On Submission Events

Configurable option at form submission.

On form submission, you can show a custom message or redirect users to a custom URL. You can configure a different message/ redirect URL for success and failure scenarios.

Receive Emails

An email for every submission.

Configure email, and every time a new submission is made, you will receive the data & form uploads as an attachment.
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Get Form Data Using API

Let your application receive the data.

Configure your business application endpoint to receive form data on a real-time basis. You can configure additional parameters which you wish to include in the API request.

Additional parameters (key-value pair) can be used for integration security.

Secure & Password Protected

Secure your forms.

Secure your forms by including a password. Before displaying the form to the user, the system will ask for the access key.

You can also enable or disable the public access of the form URL.

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Share & Embed

Use the way you want.

Share the form URL for direct access or embed them in your business application. The form's short URL is unique for each form.

DocTemplate Mapping

Generate filled documents.

To generate a filled documents, map forms fields with template variables. Every time there will be a submission on the form, the mapped template will generate a filled document.
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